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Don Lee

Error messages could be more helpful

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I was trying to restore a volume to a firewire drive to boot a "temporary" machine, and had some trouble. I could not get the restore to run cleanly.


The error was:



+ Restore using Restore_util at 4/7/13 (Activity Thread 1)

To volume MGN2013...

- 4/7/13 5:18:33 PM: Restoring from

atrash, Snapshot Margaret Nordstog’s Computer, 4/7/13 3:49:10 PM

!Trouble writing folder "/Volumes/MGN2013/.HFS+ Private Directory Data", error -1101 ( file/directory not found) 4/7/13 5:19:36 PM: Execution incomplete

Completed: 6 files, 86 MB

Performance: 1,289.9 MB/minute

Duration: 00:01:02 (00:00:57 idle/loading/preparing)



It appears that the problem was that the partition map on the drive was GUID, rather than APM.


It's bad enough that I have to remember to uncheck the "ignore permissions" and run the restore twice, but it appears that if I try to restore an older machine image (10.4.11) to a firewire drive with a GUID partition map, I get the odd error above, and the drive (of course) won't boot.


Retro warns me about the drive being "ignore permissions" state. It would be nice if it would produce a more helpful error than the one above.

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