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Don Lee

Missing sync, reverted scripts - huh?

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I would report this as a bug, but I don't have enough info to properly report it, so I will just provide a narrative in case anyone recognizes it and it is useful.


I'm running 10.1.0 (187) (pre-release) Retro.


I bought a new Mac MINI to replace my 2009 mini for the Retro engine.


Retro has been working on Mac OS X 10.8. (except that it won't mount appleshare volumes because they are served by an old version of netatalk that does not support AFS 3.3. Not a retro problem)


I do have a USB DDS tape drive, and it is normally powered down. I noticed that the console icon for "storage devices" would not respond, saying "waiting for sync". It had been "waiting" over 24 hours, so I tried power cycling the drive and restarting the console. No dice.


I left the console up (on a separate machine) and restarted the Retro engine.


The console responded as it should have, with the displays disappearing, and then reappearing when the engine restarted.


Unfortunately, the console started asking me to confirm the "changes" to the scripts - that I had not made.

For the first one, I said "revert", but when the second script came up with the "you made changes - revert/save", I decided to quit the console, which I did.


When the console came back up, no more requests to revert/save changes to the scripts.


Two issues:

1. Why did the Storage Devices get "stuck" on "waiting for sync"?

2. Why did the console start asking for save/revert on scripts I had not touched when it reconnected?


I'm going to upgrade to the release 10.1 some time soon, so answering these questions is not necessary. I provide the information FYI.

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