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Past backups display incorrectly after New Media backup.

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Running 10.1.0 (221), I just performed a new media backup, creating Media_Set [010] in the process. As expected, the previous media set, Media_Set [009] still appeared in the media set listing. However, although the information on the Summary and Members tabs then displayed correctly for both of these media sets, the Backups tab for Media_Set [010] also displayed all of the backups belonging to Media_Set [009]. (Happily, the Backups tab for Media_Set [009] did not display any backups belonging to Media_Set [010].) Furthermore, in the Past Backups window, all of the listed backups, whether they had actually been performed to Media_Set [009] or to Media_Set [010], now all displayed as having been performed to Media_Set [010].


I didn't try anything else at this point, but rather quit and relaunched the console. I was relieved to see that all of the information about past backups in the Past Backups and Media Sets windows now displayed with the correct media set, so it appears that this bug is only cosmetic.


With v10.1 (221), you seem to have made some changes in the way the console polls the engine, because the console now seems to populate more quickly with complete information. Perhaps the above bug was introduced at the same time? (I don't recall having encountered it with previous versions.)

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