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backup rules for folders within mac user folders

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I'm trying to only backup a few folders within specific user folders on around 9 client machines. I'm using proactive backup with tags and have tried a number of approaches. So far i'm getting 0 files copies.


My source for the script is the clients user folder - each one is made a favourite in the sources area


I've tried rules like the ones below, but neither is working so far (see attached images too):

Folder - Mac Path - Contains : Documents' - 0 files copied

Folder - Name - Contains : Documents' - 0 files copied


If anyone can help with this i'd be very grateful - i've attached images of the rules i've tried and an example of the favourite folders showing its location (standard - Macintosh HD/Users/[username]). The scripts are running fine - i'm just getting 0 files copied





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