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Requirements for Multicast Client Discovery to work? DNS etc

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I have a customer with 15 odd Win 7 Laptops being backed up by a Retro 8 Single Server.

I can add clients by Address but not by Multicast

Server & Client Firewalls are OFF.

Do the clients respond with a name to the multicast requests, which might then require a DNS to resolve the IP

Other than the necessary holes in firewalls as per KB ARticle 6326 are there any other specific requirements to be met in order for multicast discovery to work?



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Check the client settings.


There are a couple of things that need to e set ..I dont't recall which...NetBios over TCP/IP...File and Print Sharing...Network Discovery...I'd check those.

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Must be on same subnet, if I remember correctly.


To allow multicast to work across routers, the time to live must be adjusted upward (from 1). This option is location in the Backup Clients window, then clicking the network icon at the upper left. Then click Advanced in the Interface window. Click Multicast and there the number can be incremented.


However, the router must be configured to allow IGMP packets to pass.


Still, multicast doesn't always show clients. At one point, I traced at least part of the problem to a bug in Retrospect wherein the GUI doesn't show clients that are responding to requests. I haven't confirmed whether this has been fixed. I've also noticed at least in the pre-8.x versions o Retrospect, Windows 7 clients would never show in multicast. I think this may have been fixed.

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