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Restore EXC 2003 to a recovery server failed

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Hi Community,


I'm trying to restore an Exchange 2003 database on a dedicated recovery server in a dedicated recovery domain. I created the new Exchange with the same paths and the same database names, as in the productive server.


The recovery starts to restore three files and it works fine as long as the first file become restored but with starting the second file (1.3 GB remaining from round about 200 GB) the restore failed with an error message >>HrESERestoreDatabase 0c7fe1f42 Database not found<<.


So now my question is, what the content of the three files is? I thought that one file is the database itself and the two other files contains the transaction logs but now I'm confused. The backup of the productive server contains the database and the public folders of the first storage group, soI count two files but I've no idea what the third file is or why the restore failed starting with the second file.


Any hints?


Thx & Bye Tom

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