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Tags - let's just remove them until they work

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Retrospect 10.0.1


- tag reports don't work. Create and save a report for Tags Contain, Equals whatever - nothing shows up


- tags don't reliably show. When you open the Tag tab for a source, often it shows nothing checked, even though the source has a tag, and the scripts using them to select sources are working. See the other bug report with the hint of toggling a dummy tag to make things show up - doesn't always work. Guessing should not be part of a backup routine.


- tag list incorrectly shows tag names. My clients have two tags - "24HrBackup" and "AfterHrsBackup". Now all of a sudden, my tag list shows "24HrBackup" twice. Clients that had this tag before show it checked twice, clients that had tag "AfterHrsBackup" show nothing. More guessing.


I'm giving up on tags - great idea, but they're hopelessly broken. I'll change everything to directly selecting sources rather than tagging. This will take a while, and time is short because I have to go troubleshoot a client with Retro 8 for windows and the clients aren't getting backed up.


Why do I keep thinking paid upgrades are going to fix bugs?



a very frustrated long time Retrospect user

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Just installed 10.1 - this is definitely NOT fixed. The problem with tags not displaying in the Tags tab of the Sources pane is still there - you still have to "nudge" the display to see tags (see below). Also, the reports simply do not work - tags Contain, Tags begin with, Tags are not empty - *nothing* shows up in the report - no, wait - "tags are not blank" report showed one item - an item with - you guessed it - no tags (sigh).


Another user gave the hint on how to display a volume's tag: Create a dummy tag for this purpose (mine is "z_Unused_Tag"), view a volume (no tags show), tick the dummy tag (I guess this just changes the volume's tag state), click off the volume and then back on it - it should show the dummy tag ticked, as well as the real tag.

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oh... OH! I just gleaned from another post that tag reporting only works if the top-level *source* is tagged, not if a favorite folder is tagged. This, obviously, is fairly useless considering how rare it is to designate an entire source for backup. I hope Retrospect will address this shortcoming.


So, to clarify, I can get a tag report to work IF the entire source is tagged.

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