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Quantum Superloader 3 device not listed after I removed a stuck tape

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I had a tape jam when I tried to load it into the drive. I had to remove the right magazine and push it out the stuck tape by hand. After I powered the tape drive back on, I kept getting a hardware error. I did a shut down and a hard reboot of the tape drive and the error went away.


To check the drive out, I unloaded, loaded, reloaded and moved the tapes around via the drive menu. It seemed to be working fine. Now retrospect does not see the device any longer. I powered down the tape drive and server. Started up the tape drive. Started up the server, and it still does not see it. I have had this setup running for years, so its not a new setup issue.


Under device manager, I can see the SCSI card (Adaptec SCSI Card 39160 - Ultra160 SCSI (2x)). I have/had it set to SCSI ID:5. I checked the cables and the SCSI terminator, and they are all connected correctly.


Its a Quantum Superloaded 3 V:43.0.


I am running Retrospect Multi Server 7.6.123 Driver Update and Hot Fix on a Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition Service Pack 2 (build 3790).


Retrospect is setup for auto updates. But when I try to get the updates manually, it says "Could not connect to the Retrospect Automatic Updates site. Please make sure .. connected to the internet ... proxy setup...". I am connected to the internet (I am posting to this forum from the server) and we do not use proxies.


But I wouldnt think that the updates access would cause the drive to not be listed after a tape got stuck.


Has anyone run into this and solved it? Do you need any more details from me?


I appreciate the assistance.



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Have you double checked the SCSI IDs so they don't overlap?


Power down everything. Disconnect and reconnect the SCSI cables.


Does Windows see the autoloader and the tape drive?


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I am having a similar problem - Quantum Superloader3- When I open Retrospect and check devices,it shows up but whenI try to run a script that uses the tape drive I get an error that 'no tape storage devices found'


Once I Stop the execution and go to devices I can see the loader. Windows does see the tape drive and loader?


Same version of Retrospect above but using Server 2008 Enterprise.



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