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Instant Scan expectations?

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We just installed Retrospect 10 (clean install, not an 'upgrade'). I noticed that the server is now backing up 'Using Instant Scan' according to the log and it's idle/loading/preparing time is about 40 seconds, much less than it used to be. I upgraded one of our Windows 7 clients last week to the new 8.0.0 (165) client and it's idle/loading/preparing time hasn't changed a bit, if anything it increased a minute or so - it was always around 15 minutes, and it's still about the same minutes of idle/loading/preparing. Similar enough to the rest of our clients that I don't see any difference.


Does Instant Scan work across platforms? I upgraded the Retrospect client from the Mac Retro 10 server, should I do a full reinstall of the Windows client instead? Should my Windows client have dropped to a very short idle/loading/preparing amount? What is anyone else seeing?





edit - I have been thinking about this and wondering if the length of time is related to the System State backups taking that long, whereas Instant Scan may well be doing it's job just fine... any way to tell the difference, or start the System State backups in advance?

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I see this as well. There is no "using Instant Scan" being logged for my Windows client backups (even though I know it's working). This, too, was from upgrading the client in-place.

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