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email notification feature request

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Just a small thing - on email notifications for a Proactive script it would be very helpful to add the client name to the notification. Right now I get a whole bunch of these:


Script: Laptop Proactive

Date: 2/1/2013

Script "Laptop Proactive" completed with 60 errors


but never a client name unless it was terminated unexpectedly (laptop leaving the network etc)


Is it possible for me to modify the notifications somewhere?


(Retro Multi Server 10 Mac on OS X 10.6 etc etc)




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It's not on the top of my list, but this is important. Both the logs and email notices need enough information to identify what has been done.

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I would like to receive email notifications like this!


+ Normal backup using MAC_RAID0 at 01-03-13

To Backup Set DS1812-MAC_RAID0...

- 01-03-13 16:21:41: Copying MAC_RAID0

Using Instant Scan

01-03-13 16:28:08: Snapshot stored, 37,5 MB

01-03-13 16:28:10: Comparing MAC_RAID0

01-03-13 16:33:18: Execution completed successfully

Completed: 138 files, 18,6 GB

Performance: 3.620,7 MB/minute (3.405,2 copy, 3.878,5 compare)

Duration: 00:11:37 (00:01:04 idle/loading/preparing)

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