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Don Lee

Console stuck, spinning

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I have changed my local IPs, so I had to re-add the engine(s) to the instance of the Retro 10.0.1 (105) console running on my laptop.


i added the "local" engine first by deleting the two engines I had in the left sidebar.


I added the local engine with the new IP and passwd.


I added the "tunnel" engine(s) and tested one, then "killed" the tunnel, causing the second engine to disconnect from the console.


At that point, the panels in the left sidebar of the console for the local machine (virtue) disappeared. I waited a while, and it did not come back. I noticed that the CPU was in a tight loop on the laptop.


I did a sample from Activity Monitor, and have included a snap of the console window, and the sample text.


You should be able to figure out where it's stuck.




Sample of Retrospect.txt

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