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Intelligent Proactive Backups

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Hi RS...


Ok, so we have two Proactive Backups for our client machines, one for usual development data and another for PST files (only). This was split as staff were seeing huge daily backups where the entire 1-10GB PST file was copied every day, when in fact nothing had changed in the PST/archive file at all. I backup PST's weekly and have normal backups every other day - again, to reduce the impact on our productivity as RS hammers the disks with snapshots (and scanning before Instant Scan)


So, it would be great if RS could be more intelligent about syncing proactive backups, so when it sees a client free, it looks to see what proactive backups are scheduled and does them both at the same time, meaning it only needs to go through the Instant Scan phase once and the snapshot building at the end also.


This would save a whole load of time... I've seen machine sit in the building snapshot phase for ages due to the large complicated file/folder structure often used in software development (i.e. CVS data)



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