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Don Lee

Media set "invisible" while restore is active

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I am testing the media set that I copied to tape with the scary error messages to see if I can restore from it. I want to restore several volumes, including those that got the errors, to see what will happen with the files that got the errors. see: http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/150058-recurring-format-inconsistency-on-tape-same-file/


I don't want to free up the disk space when I am not confident that the tape copy is reliable.


In trying to do several restores, I wanted to "stack up" a couple of jobs. While the first restore was running, I tried to set up a second restore to run as soon as the first was done. I could not do this, because the backups on the tape set that is in use are not available/not visible - at all. I can't see the backups, or retrieve new ones. It appears that the media set is "locked", and while locked, its content - including all backups/snapshots are invisible.


I think it should be possible to schedule backups on media sets while locked. The media set is being used in read-only mode, so this should not be impossible.

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This is probably done for security reasons as it is usually dangerous to access two different parts of a file at the same time. Since the catalog file is being read by the first restore and you try to access another part of the file by scheduling another restore there is a high probability that something will be misread so in order to prevent this the catalog file is locked when the media set is in use. If you want to set up multiple restores these should be done before starting the first one.

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