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execution, error -1123 (Volume Structure Corrupt)

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We have a couple of Old Macs we use Retrospect v5.6 running on a WindowsXP machine, but we are getting the following error:


'failed during automatic execution, error -1123 (Volume Structure Corrupt)'. Our version of Retrospect is WinXP compatible.


Any help would be appreciated.... Thank you.

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A little late to your query, but I'll reply to this post so others having this issue can see if my solution can help them.


We had this issue on our Windows box running Retrospect for our Mac clients.


We found it related to an Adobe custom dictionary in the users Library folder. If we removed the custom dictionary the backup ran fine. The location of the dictionary is here:





Delete any dictionary that begins with ATE


However, every month or so the error would pop up again. So I created a terminal command that I ran through Apple Remote Desktop that would remove those dictionaries. Works great, and takes two seconds.




rm -r Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/Linguistics/Dictionaries/ATE*



I hope this helps.




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