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Quit a Groom?

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I mistakenly started a Groom and cannot quit it. Anybody know how to stop the Groom once it has begun? I hit stop and it's been saying "Please Wait..." for 12+ hours. I tried shutting off the Engine and restarting it to no avail. It did restart the clock on the groom but didn't change the status. Obviously the backup set cannot be used while in this mode, assuming it's still good.


Any advice would be appreciated.


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I tried stopping and starting the Engine to no avail. The only way I found to quit a Groom in progress (and lose your catalog in the process!):

  1. Remove the Retro Server instance from the left hand menu.
  2. Add a new server of the same address (no reinstall of Engine is needed).
  4. Recreate, rebuild or restore a previous working Catalog of the above, if you have one. I used a backup of the most recent, known working from two days before I engaged the Groom that started my trouble.
  5. In the event of using a backup, be sure to (at least) repair the Catalog. You may need to rebuild too, but if reinstalling from a backup, this process should go much faster.
  6. Verify that a small backup works.
  7. In the event that TWO instances of the server are seen to exist after the above steps, you will need to replace the Config80.dat and Config80.bak files in your server machine (typically ~/Library/Application Support/Retrospect/) as well. These files may have gotten damaged in the process. Hint: It was recommended to me a long while ago that a monthly back up of at least these two files (if not the catalogs, too) be kept safe. The recommendation once again serves well here.

If this happens to you, it prove handy to have these steps. If you know of some other way, please advise. :rolleyes:


Good Luck!




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