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Restore ignoring some files

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I am using Retrospect 7.7.620


I have an archive backup of a folder with about 800GB of image files. A large fraction of the images consist of a camera-raw file (.cr2) plus a "sidecar" .xmp file.


There is one folder that I need to recover. If I examine the contents of the archive snapshot, the folder looks normal with matching .cr2 and .xmp files.




I tried restoring this folder, and it restored only the .xmp files.


If I use Restore/Find Files, it does not show the .cr2 files, although .cr2 files are included for other folders.




Where are the missing files and how do I get them back?


Update: I decided to go ahead and upgrade to Retrospect 8 (been planning to do it anyway) but I get the same results. The snapshot claims the files are there but the restore capability claims they're not.


Update2: Never Mind :-) I figured out the problem. "Find Files" does not use the snapshot and will restore all archived copies. More importantly, if files were moved they will be restored to their original location, not where the snapshot says they currently reside. Doing a restore through the "Restore" option with "Advanced" will use the snapshot and do what I need.

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