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Retrospect 7.5 - Unable to connect to Automatic Updates site

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in the past I purchased a license of Retrospect 7.5 (to point out better the software is versioned 7.5.251) which I upgraded to 7.6.123 following the update feature in the program itself (i.e. Help --> Retrospect updates) and this was alive for years.

Now I need to reinstall this server, and I reinstalled the 7.5.251 version. Unfortunately, when I follow the same update procedure I get the desolate "Unable to connect to Automatic Updates site" error message.

I exclude that this is due a firewall or similar setting preventing the network traffic from succeeding. My guess is that the source of software used by this procedure has disappeared in these years.

Am I wrong in somethng? Or are you aware of an alternate source where I can fetch these updates from?


Thank you in advance!


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