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Retrospect 6 running in Backup server mode on an OS X 10.3.3 server.


If laptop clients disconnect in the middle of a backup, Retrospect get caught in a loop of Net Retry's forever. No other backups are performed and even when the client reconnects, the backup does not proceed.

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This has been discussed before and there doesn't seem to be a good answer as to why Retrospect can't stop retrying and move along to the next script like one would like it to.


There is however a workaround: Secret preferences


Hold down "alt" when you click on the preferences button and voila, you have the secret settings. Here, under "Client" you can set a threshhold for transfer rates. If the average rate drops below the threshold, the server moves along to the next client. This works well for the kind of net retry problem you seem to have (disconnected laptops) but less well if you have net retries caused by errors in the client.


Hope this helps

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