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List contents of a specific tape?

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Hello everyone,


This morning I ran a restore job to verify a job I backed up late last week. Retrospect listed the media as 'content unrecognized'. I've read the kb article on the error and followed as many steps as I could to get the tape recognised but no luck. Fortunately we also run a parallel safety backup set so I have another copy of the media on the lost drive - only problem is I don't know specifically what files were on there. Is there any way within Retrospect to list which files live on which tape?


I'm at a bit of a loss to understand what went wrong with the tape. We're running a six month old Dell Powervault LTO5 and have about 30 tapes across two sets. The tapes are stored in a cool, dry safe. The tape in question was functioning fine the Friday prior. It was fresh and purchased only a few weeks ago. The host computer appears sound. Every other tape I have tried since has functioned fine. Is there any way to rebuild or at least verify the tape? I think other programs I have used provided that function. I'd like to get to the bottom of what the problem is - I don't sleep well knowing something is destroying our backups.


Thanks for reading.

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