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Recover a "partial" backup set

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odd question I'm posting here, i know :-)

I deleted a backup set intentionally because I've been ensured that it was not useful anymore. Then, after the successful deletion (I deleted the .rdb files with the content, of course), I'm now told that this backup set is indeed useful, because a workstation was not included in a new backup policy, and a disk was broken (I'm omitting how), and of course it was soooo important (otherwise, why backing it up?) .....


I can post here a number of comments about the people I'm working with, but let's switch to the actual question. I tried to undelete the relevant *.rdb files to rebuild this disgraced backup set and I managed to get back a number (an huge amount of data), but not all of them. Now I'm trying to recover the catalog, which unfortunately fails ("The selected disk does not contain any Backup Set data files") because this set is incomplete.


As far as you are aware of, is there any way to recover the backup set to restore its integrity, despite incomplete, so I can try rebuilding the catalog and then trying to restore the content that this smart colleague needs?


Some details: Retrospect 7.6 in Windows Wk3 server.


Thank you in advance!


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Many "unerase" programs fail to correctly unerase Retrospect data files, resulting in corrupt file headers. When the header is corrupted, Retrospect can not read the .rdb file. You may need to contact a company like Drive Savers who can attempt a professional recovery of the Retrospect data files. Drive Savers may even be able to help "fix" a corrupted Retrospect data file, but that may be pretty involved.

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Hi Mayoff,

thank you for your answer.

But my additional question is: are you aware fo the existance of an utility to rebuild the integrity of a partial backup set?

The files I undeleted are consistent (i.e. no cluster lost), but some others are missing, that's the reason why I cannot start recovering the catalog from. But possibly the data I need to recover are indeed in the files I saved.

If this utility actually exists, I would like to make this last attempt before contacting (paying) and external company - or eventually giving up.

Thank you again!

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