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"Assertion Failure at treefat.cpp-378" and now an unusable backup set

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I'm on Retrospect single server 7.7.620. Retrospect crashed, I suspect while grooming this disk dataset (two members, one full, one with 1.5TB of 2TB left). Now I can't verify it (crash on treefat.cpp), and now I can't even rebuild the catalog (crash on treefat.cpp-378, and lots of "Bad Backup Set header found (0x0500f8ff at 485,356)" in the logs). So looks like I have to recycle the backup set (again) and start over (again). I need backups for the backup. I don't really think I'll get a solution, I'm just frustrated.



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Judging from the file name (treefat.cpp) Retrospect is traversing the directory tree on a FAT32 volume. Try running CHKDSK on the disk where the MMF D media set is stored.

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