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Retrospect has an awful (non-existing) customer support

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We bought a licence of Retrospect Professional with support and are facing a blocking matter on our backup strategy.

I spent a *huge* amount of time describing our problem in several emails/tickets/phone calls, and tested a lot of possibilities myself.

It's been more than 3 weeks.

So far no technical person had a look at our problem, I only got replies like "As far as I can assume to understand it seem no solution for your issue" ; no explanation why, which option we have, nor real answer to my long explanations of the problem...

The only few response I got are from people on this forum.

It's not a serious support.

I would not recommand Retrospect to our CTOs/CFOs, and partners for 2 reasons:

- unreliable support

- so far, retrospect cannot backup our data

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