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I've been noticing a new folder entry in my Appdata folder called Appclicks with a settings file containing stuff like this (I obfuscated personal data):











I think this is due to a dll in Retrospect called appclicks.dll.


Inspecting the binary file shows that it might be calling WinHttp to send some user info, like shown below in the image.


I guess this is cause by clicking the preference to send anonymous usage stats, but at first I was a bit alarmed.


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That's right, Jim. AppClicks is our usage metrics tracking service. It helps us see how many of our users are on Windows 8 or Mountain Lion, if their Retrospect server has 4 or 8 GB of RAM, if they use a tape library, whether or not Proactive Backup scripts are being used, and so forth. It is completely anonymous, and AppClicks only provides aggregate data; we can't drill down to a specific install of Retrospect. It's a very cool service for Windows, Mac, and iOS apps, and it helps us target development to how Retrospect is actually used, instead of basing our decisions on wishful thinking. ;-)

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