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Retrospect is already running in another user's session

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We are using Retrospect 8. Per suggested best practice we have Retrospect setup to run as a purpose dedicated RBUAdmin user account. When backups are started by the auto-launcher service, and we launch the Retrospect console after they have begun we get a message like this:




I had thought that seperating the execution engine and the management console - so that the latter could be launched at any time or ever run from another server or workstation - was part of the plan for Retro 8, but I don't see that on the feature list. Is this a feature that is planned for a future release?

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The engine and console are not separated on Windows. During autolaunch Retrospect runs under a use account you can not access. Manually launching Retrospect is the best way to continue accessing Retrospect.


Engine and console separation is still planned.

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