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T16A2 Tape Autoloader is not showing up under Devices/Status

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Hi guys,


Im using Retropspect for Windows 7.7.341 with a T16A2 Tape Autoloader.


I was working fine, but a few days ago i was not able to back up to tape.


I found out, my Tape Loader isn*`t listed under Configure->Devices->Status


I still can see it under Environment but im not able to activate it or whatsoever.

The IBM ULTRIUM 4 is still showing up correctly.


What i have done so far:


1 Restarting the Retrospect Software

2 Restarting the whole Server

3 Restarting the Tape Loader

4 Disabling the Devices in the Windows Device Manager



Any suggestions?


Thank you in advance

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