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Backup scripts did not migrate from windows 7 to 8

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Retrospect stores its config data in c:\program data\retrospect. I've had this happen on previous upgrades - you should be able to get all your scripts, selectors etc. back by putting your old config*.dat (e.g. config77.dat) files into that directory. Close retrospect, copy the existing Retrospect 8 config files to a safe location (or use Windows snapshot), then copy the old config files in, and restart Retrospect.

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i have the same issue

on my new win 7 machine, there was no such directory in the root of C:

i created a new c:\program data\retrospect directory, copied all the files in there from the old xp machine, ie C:\Documents and settings\all user\application data\Retrospect


when i start the sw it still asks for a license key

i does the same when i double click an rbc file


any ideas on how to fix this?

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