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rules: how does "is like" operate work?

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can anyone point me to a document or support article or past forum thread that will tell me about how to use the "is like" operator?


i see that rules includes "is like" as a matching operator. i gather that this is supposed to be a pattern or regex type match. the existence of "is like" is mentioned in the Retrospect 8 User Guide, but the specifics are not documented - for example, whether it expects "standard" regexp syntax in the pattern or something else.


i am looking into the use of rules to better partition my backups according to the backup-related properties. so for example, i might have separate media sets to handle photos/music vs. other stuff in users' doc directories vs. the non-user directory contents of machines.


i can't find any user manual for v9 or v10 of retrospect. the v8 manual, as i indicated, does mention rules (seemingly based on selectors of retrospect v6), but does not cover "is like" (unless i missed it).



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There are a few older threads that discuss Rule syntax for OS X. One such thread is 'What is correct Mac path format for exclusions?', which offers some working examples of 'Is Like' (among other aspects); it is available at:





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