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I have been trying to set up automatic backups for Retrospect Server, which is installed on Mac OS X Lion. It has worked on several new iMacs, also running Lion. When I try to back up an older iMac (Intel) which is also running Lion, trying to add the client directly returns accurate information (name, address, client version,) but returns this error: "an error occurred (-506)." I have been unable to add this client. Any ideas?

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A -506 error means a duplicate activator code for the client. What version of Retrospect did you purchase? Do you have enough client licenses to add this client?


If yes to the above, be sure that this client wasn't already added to the Sources list, perhaps under a different name. If this is so, remove the client from the list and try re-adding it.


Otherwise, run the uninstall script on the client machine, go to /Library/Preferences and drag the file "retroclient.state" to the Trash. Empty the Trash and reinstall the client software.

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