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Multi Server does not see FC tape drives

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Currently we are evaluating the Multi server (7.7.620) on a server running Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 (x86). This server has Backup Exec installed as well (this was the application we were using for backup/restore). The installation went flawless except for one thing: Multi server does not see any of the tape drives. It can see the CD burner that is installed, but not the tape drives. We have a Sun/Oracle StorageTek SL48 library with two HP LTO drives. One drive is LTO4 and the other is LTO5. All have the most recent firmware applied. In the device manager, the LTO drives are listed, the FC card is listed (Emulex LPe12002-S, PCI Slot 32, Storport Miniport Driver) and the tape library is listed (Hewlett Packard MSL G3 Series library (x86 based)). These devices were immediately recognized by Backup Exec.


The driver providers and dates for the devices are as follows:

LTO Drives (both 4 and 5) [Driver provider: HP, data 6/28/2012]

Fibre channel card [Driver provider: Emulex, date: 10/28/2010]

Tape Library [Driver provider: HP, date 6/3/2009]


I'm I missing any additional steps to get Multi server to see the drives?

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This server has Backup Exec installed as well

That is probably why you are having problems. Backup Exec doesn't allow any one else to have access to the tape drives or library.


Or maybe it's Windows itself. In the Windows' Device Manager, disable the drivers for both the tape drives and the library.

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Tried to disable the drivers for the tape drives and the library... same problem, they are not seen by Retrospect. I should mention also these two points:

1. We installed Retrospect on another server that has two tape drives (both LTO3) and a library (Dell Powervault 124T) connected via SCSI. This system also has Backup Exec installed (still running) and Retrospect recognized the drives and library with no problems.

2. We installed another evaluation backup application (Barracuda Yosemite) on the same server that has the problem (2 drives, Sun Tape Library connected via fibre channel with Backup Exec installed) and the other software was able to see the tape drives and library without any problems. The software was uninstalled prior to the installation of Retrospect.

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The Sun tape library is indeed supported:


(Otherwise my next guess would have been that it wasn't supported.)


Maybe you should contact support. (This is just a user-to-user discussion.)


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