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Move Media Set/Expand Capacity

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I made a huge mistake and don't know how to fix it. I had a limit set on my main drive that I use as my media set. When I went to backup, it said it was full so I selected a different drive to backup to. This is my system drive and was meant to be a temporary holding place. It put the backup on the top level of the drive where you aren't supposed to store anything. I have since expanded the allowable capacity on my original backup drive and would like to continue appending to the original set rather than create a new member on the original drive.


1. Is there a way to do this?


2. Is there a way to merge members so that the ones on two different disks could be one member on the same disk? Two members on the same disk would be ok if there is no way to merge.


3. What happens when my drive reaches capacity? I always want access to the whole media set. Is there a way to move members to a new drive?


I've used Retrospect for years and ever since 8 it's been a nightmare. I never had these issues before. The documentation & changes in terminology are terrible.


It should not be this complicated to backup one drive to another.


Please help. My whole backup scheme is completely screwed up now and I don't want to keep backing up to random places.



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You should be able to do a "Copy Backup" script to transfer the contents of the two media sets to a new (single) one in the proper location. Check the manual. You may want to transfer all backups or just the latest from each source. Be careful to choose the right one for your situation.

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