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Can Retrospect 7.7 on XP 32-bit backup a Windows 7 64-bit disk (not client)?

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I have a system that has worked fantastic for me for years - it is a dual boot system, with Windows XP 32-bit installed on both OSs (XP1 on C: and XP2 on D: drive). I normally run XP1, backed up nightly - if I ever corrupted XP1 or got a virus, I just booted XP2 and restored an old copy. This has been utterly successful for me dozens of times and far easier than than trying to figure out how to make a Disaster Recovery CD. I basically never use XP2 ever except as an infrequent way to restore XP1's OS.


So now I upgrade XP1 to Windows7 64-bit 1 and call it W71. As a test, I see if I can boot XP2 and back up or duplicate W71. It starts and it copies some files, but has THOUSANDS of errors - 1101s, 1107s, a bunch others, security problems, permissions, "can't link to" errors - so many I don't even know how to start debugging it.


Should I be able to do this, even, though? From Windows XP 32-bit, should I be able to duplicate another local partition that happens to be a Windows 7 64-bit install?


Or will I have to upgrade my XP2 to Win 7 too?


FYI: I am using Retrospect 7.7 across the board.




- Sean

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After changing permissions, I'll need to be more specific:


Backup (to backup sets) runs fine.

Duplicate gives me all the headaches.


This leaves me in the same boat as backing up to NAS (Unix based) drives - can't do duplication because won't

get incremental due to file attribute incompatibilities.


Seems like from XP, I can only backup up a local offline Win 7 disk, not duplicate. I like having a backup set (for

snapshot control) *and* a duplicate copy (in case I need to access some of the data from a PC without Retrospect)


- Sean

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