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Reset Client Password

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I cannot ad a client as it appears the password is not accepted.

"An error occurred (-512)"


Can I reset the client password?


What is "An error occurred (-512)"


OSX 10.7.latest

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So a 9.0.x Client Install does not delete any previous Client installs in favour of itself ? :-(

What previous client?


Can we have the FULL story now? What else are you keeping from us?

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Downgrading to 8 from 9 #keepyourhairon



1/ http://techjournal.318.com/general-technology/uninstalling-retrospect-6-3-clients-and-changing-passwords/


Uninstalling Retrospect 6.3 Clients and Changing Passwords

Open the retrospect client and turn it off. Then close it and delete the \Libraries\Preferences\retroclient.state file. Now you have two options. To completely uninstall, just trash the app from the Application folder. Or if you just needed to reset the password, you can rerun the installer and it will prompt you for a password.

2/ Run 9.0.2 uninstaller

3/ Install 8.2 Client

4/ Turn on App in Applications Folder … it will ask for password twice

5/ OK

6/ In Server, maybe add by address, then do a simple add again afterwards.

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