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error -100 (device reject command)

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we have this error randomly. What´s this error means? How can we solve this problem?

On library we haven´t any errors.



O.S: 10.6.8

Software: Retrospect 9.0.2

Library: Quantum scalar I500

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This is likely a hardware issue. Please give us more information about your hardware setup, including computer, device connection type and HBA if applicable, and the drive associated with the library.

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Mac Pro 5,1

Quad-core intel Xeon 2,8 Ghz

Number of procesor: 1

Number of cores: 4

Memory: 16 Gb (DDR3 1066 Mhz)


Comunication to Library with SAS, pci card: ATTO Xpress SAS H680

Drive: 2 HP Ultrium 5


Any other information?

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You are going to need to perform a diagnostic search. The problem could be with the library, either of the tape drives, or in the SAS chain.


For starters, can you determine when this error is generated? Does it happen when a tape member is being accessed by the library or when a tape is being written to or read from? Does it happen with only one of the two tape drives?


You have another thread where you talk about having difficulty restoring a file and are getting "file incomplete" errors. That suggests either that there is a problem reading from the tape member during the restore or verify, or that something went wrong when originally writing to the tape during the backup. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including a failing tape drive. Have you gotten any other error messages that may be related to the tape drive?


I think I would start with running HP's Library and Tape Tools (LTT) to see if anything seems amiss with your tape drives. The Mac version of LTT runs in Terminal; you'll also need to stop the Retrospect engine so LTT can access the drives.

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This error occurs randomly, if I do a backup that have 20 members, this error happen in member 3 (no other errors). This error don´t occur on begin access or begin written, occur in the middle of backup.

I try to verify if this error occur in one drive or two drive.

No other errors to the tape drive.

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this is my test using HP's Library and Tape Tools (LTT) , same for two drives



The following is identity information for the selected device. You can use commands to select functionality to perform on this device.


Product ID : Ultrium 5-SCSI

Drive Technology : LTO

Mech. Serial Number : F0A26D4000

Firmware Rev : X3BZ/OEM

Target ID : 211

Target LUN : 3

OBDR Capability : Not Supported

WORM Capability : Supported


Cartridge Information (for cartridge currently in drive):

Cartridge Type : LTO 5 Data

* Capacity : 3000 GB (2:1 data compression)

Write Protected : No

Barcode : Not Set

Cartridge Partitioned: No

  1. LTO Drive Assessment test. Test execution completed successfully
  2. LTO Media Assessment. Test execution completed successfully
  3. Device Analysis. Test execution completed successfully
  4. Connectivity Test. Test execution completed successfully
  5. Data compression. Test execution completed successfully
  6. Device Self Test. Test execution completed successfully
  7. LTO Cooling Check. Test execution completed successfully
  8. LTO Encryption. Test execution completed successfully
  9. LTO Stuck Tape Test. execution completed successfully with warning

Analysis Results

- LTO Stuck Tape Test, version V03.01.2011

- Unable to verify if this device is using latest firmware.

- HISTORICAL INFORMATION (based on internal drive logs):

- version: V23.03.2012

- There were 2 rules and 21 subrules checked.


- The drive is reporting that the cartridge was successfully recovered.

- There is no historical evidence of problems unloading a cartridge.

- Please ignore the flashing Tape LED on the Device Front Panel, this is as a result of the

- test and will be cleared on the next tape load - it does NOT indicate a problem with the drive.

  1. Read/Write Test. Test execution completed successfully

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We enable tape alert on retrospect and we recived this error:



(HP Ultrium Gen 5 DC, ID 0:1:0 | media: 3-LOLA_02 | barcode: 000055) : The memory in the tape cartridge has failed, which reduces performance. Do not use the cartridge for further write operations.

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