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Retrospect becomes unresponsive, causes other apps to become unresponsive, full system reboot required

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On occasion, Retrospect becomes completely unresponsive; all interface elements and controls are "grayed-out" and the mouse cursor changes to the Windows "spinning wheel" whenever it is positioned over the Retrospect application window.


This occurs during script execution (and never between executions, i.e., when Retrospect is idle). The Activity Manager's History tab shows "0, 0" for "Errors, Warnings", "0.0" for "Performance", and "00:00:00" for "Elapsed" for the script.


When this happens, all other open applications crawl to a halt and the entire operating system becomes unresponsive. Even the Task Manager becomes unresponsive if I try to kill the Retrospect process. I can't close open documents, I can't quit applications manually, I can't do much of anything. I can't even shut-down the machine properly; I have to perform a hardware-reset.


This machine has 8GB of physical memory and Retrospect's usage is always right around 1.3GB when I come in to find this scenario.


The Windows Application log reveals nothing; there is nothing unusual logged around the time that the scheduled script was executed.


The Windows System log, however, contains one interesting fact: the "Service Control Manager" reports that the "The Disk Defragmenter service entered the running state" 2 hours and 15 minutes before the Retrospect task was executed. The service did not report entering the stopped state until 21 minutes after the Retrospect task was executed.


Are there Known Issues with Retrospect and disk defragmentation? Needless to say, I am going to disable automatic defragmentation.


Might anyone have insight into this problem?


Windows 7 x64

Retrospect 7.7.620


Thank you!

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Just an update; this continues to happen.


It's terribly annoying in as much as I cannot kill the Retrospect process by any means. I've tried Windows' Task Manager, Sysinternals' pskill.exe, Process Hacker 2, etc. Nothing will kill Retrospect. In fact, even attempting to kill Retrospect with some of these tools causes the tool itself to freeze/crash.


Surely Retrospect is capable of dumping detailed log information and/or using a "debugging mode". Might anyone know how to implement this?

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This is what I see when there has been a paged pool error during backups with Retrospect. This is especially prevalent on 32bit servers. You should see Event ID's like 333 and 2020 or 2019 in your server logs. There is a tendency for retrospect to fill the paged pool of memory, as it fills, you will notice the backups slowing down and the CPU usage creep up. Occasionally there is a memory leak or corruption and the pool becomes unstable until the next reboot. You might follow these instructions to see if the tweak will help fix the pool corruption http://support.microsoft.com/kb/312362

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Thanks for sharing these valuable details, warmbowski.


Frankly, I gave-up on the Windows version of Retrospect. It seems to have been ill-maintained over the years (as least as compared to the Mac version) and we just don't have time to contend with issues like the leak described in this thread.


Unfortunately, the Mac version comes with its own host of problems, but at least we can create a full backup set.

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