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drive Issues - Grooming

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I'm using Retrospect 7.6.1


I have 2TB disks that I use to do weekly backups of a few machines in the office.

The backup sets are set to retain 2 backups when groomed.


The drive is full and will not groom. (isn't that the point of grooming??)


Also i'm having a few issues, when there is 100GB left on the drive, I run the groom on some of the smaller backup sets and the groom runs. It will often indicate that it cleaned several GB of data. The most recent instance cleaned 60GB of data...

My drive was at 118GB Free before the grooming and at 98GB free after the groom... So i'm not sure why more disk space is consumed after a groom.


When i attempt to explore the drive, there seems to be a set of .rdb files inside the System Volume Information (hidden folder) located on the disk.

Can anyone tell me why those are there??? All backup sets are located in G:\Retrospect\[respective backupset name]



I'm very confused, any insight into what is going on would be helpful.


If i have to I will format and re-backup but i would like to know why this is happening.

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