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Changing destination after initial backup

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I have Single Server Version 7.5


I have a removable HD which is used as the destination for a backups data.

Once the first back up has been performed I wish to remove the HD and store it in a safe.

For further backups to this storageset, can I then change the destination to one of the permanent HD on my PC, this would allow me to have a daily backup, saving me fitting the HD from the PC everytime I wish to back up. If then say each week want to attach the removable HD and add a backup to it how would I set that up too.


If I needed to restore and some of a storage sets data is on the removable HD and some on my PC's HD, would it know where it was?


I understand if I wish to overwrite each days backup how would I setup Retrospect for that.


Another issue - I've noticed on the log I'm getting:

Can't export backup report to location C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect\: error -1020 (sharing violation)


I have searched and found directions regarding windows firewall and XP's SP2 - but all those settings look fine in my firewall. not sure if this has any influence I moved my storage set after the first backup.


Many Thanks

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Concerning today's prices on external hard drives, I would buy at least two. One would be off site every other week, alternating with the other disk.

Otherwise you would risk both the original AND the backup if (for instance) fire broke lose when you had your only external backup drive in house.


Personally I have a rotating scheme of four disks.


I do not see the point in storing a backup on the same drive the backup should protect. What if that drive breaks down? Or the computer is stolen?

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