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Error -557 :: Transaction already complete

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I'm seeing some old posts that this issue was resolved Q1/Q2 of 2011, but I'm seeing this error on a few select mailboxes. The rest of the mailboxes backup just fine. I've run repairs on the mailboxes, but this hasn't seemed to resolve the issue. I'm currently at version 7.7.620 on the server. The Server 2008 R2 running Exchange 2010 SP1 is at version 7.7.114.


Is the fix still to roll back to a previous version? If so, what version?





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I am getting the same error with similar setup.


Retrospect Single Server Version 7.7.620 w/ Open File and Exchange 2003-2007 addons. (Server 2003 R2)

Client version for the Exchange mail server: 7.7.114 (Server 2003 R2)


Only one mailbox out of 50 total is giving the error:


- 7/24/2012 5:35:49 AM: Copying
on Server1

Trouble reading files, error -557 ( transaction already complete)

7/24/2012 5:37:58 AM: Execution incomplete

Remaining: 22306 files, 3.7 GB

Completed: 6 files, zero KB, with 0% compression

Performance: 0.0 MB/minute

Duration: 00:02:09 (00:02:04 idle/loading/preparing)


I have seen references in other posts to restarting the client but this did not resolve the issue.

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We are also seeing Trouble reading files, error -557 ( transaction already complete) on 4 mailboxes on Exchange 2007


OS Retrospect is running on: Windows Server 2008 x64 R2

Retrospect Version: Multi Server version 7.7.620



We also seeing Trouble reading files, error -523 ( service transaction error) on one mailbox.


Please provide solution.


Many Thanks

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I also have the -557 error on three mailboxes on Exchange 2007.


Retrospect is 7.7.620 running on Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 and the windows client on the exchange server is 7.7.114.


Reading other ports/threads, I have tried:

1. Removing the client on the exchange server using Add/Remove Programs, deleting all Retrospect folders left over, restart the exchange server, reinstall the client. After that I deleted the "old" client in Retrospect and added it again. Still the same error -557 on the same mailboxes.

2. Completely formatted the backup server installing 2008 R2 x64 again and Retrospect again. Stil lthe same.


Unfortunately, and seeing other threads it seems to me that you can't get real help here. Maybe from someone who had the same situation and managed to resolve it. I haven't been able to solve this with any instructions I have found so far.

As for Retrospect staff helping, I guess they are waiting for you to purchase additional support. I mean, why would you expect a software that costs 3,000-4,000 dollars or euros to work out of the box without paying more more money for support for something that should have just worked.


I used it years ago when it was EMC and I have to say it worked perfectly and the support was great. Right now I don't think I would recommend to anyone spending the loads of cash.

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Here is what I tried with success but I do not consider it a real solution. Failing everything else, what worked is:

1. Create a new temporary mailbox and user.

2. Using the PowerShell of Exchange 2007 and the export-mailbox command, export all data from the mailbox giving the 557 error to the temp mailbox.

3. I tried a backup of the temp mailbox and worked straight away, no 557 error.


The idea is later to disconnect the original mailbox from the original user (using the disable-mailbox command for example) and connect the temp mailbox to this original user (using the connect-mailbox command). That way the user will continue to work with the mailbox where the whole data was exported and which doesn't give the 557 error.


It's not pretty, but it should work. Make sure you don't forget to assign the original email address to the new mailbox after disabling the original one. When you create the temp mailbox it will need to have some temp email address because the original email address will still be assigned to the original mailbox so you can't attach it to the temp mailbox too.

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