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Retrospect Client disappears from Applications Folder after Update

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I just did a couple of updates from previous clients to the latest client. There are two odd things after this update. First, the Retrospect Client application disappeared from the Applications folder on both of the clients. However, the server can still see the clients, so it must be installed. On one of the clients, it was set to backup only one partition of the three that are mounted. However, when the backup started, it began backing up one of the other partitions. This was a huge partition that I do not want to back up over the network, so I manually stopped it. I rechecked the options on that client, it it is indeed set to backup only one of those partitions.


So what is going on. Should I reinstall the client? Should I redo the Update Client from the server? Should I reboot the client, or the server, or both?


Has anyone seen this problem?

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