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Custom rules still modify themselves

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Going back at least to Retrospect 8.2, custom rules often would change or delete their existing conditions whenever the rule was subsequently edited and saved. I'm sorry to report that this bug still exists in Retrospect 9.0.2.


We have created a number of complex rules to exclude files during certain backups. These rules each contain a number of AND conditions among the many OR conditions. One such AND condition (call it "AND Condition 1") has three subconditions: a file name, a file Mac path "includes...," and a "backup date within..." time.


Recently I edited the rule containing "AND Condition 1" to add a new AND condition. When I saved the modified rule and then reopened it (using the edit pencil button) to check things over, the time subcondition had disappeared from "AND Condition 1."


Happily, I was able to re-insert this missing subcondition and save the rule without having any further unwanted changes occur. (In the past, with Retro 8.2, it would often take several iterations to correct all of the spontaneous changes that would come along, so perhaps this indicates that some progress has been made. ;) )

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