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Where is the download for Retrospect Emergency Recovery CD

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I purchased, downloaded and installed Retrospect Professional 7.7 for Windows and was reading the User's Guide Addendum. There I read that I could download an image of the Recrospect Emergency Recovery CD that comes with the box version:


"Retail versions of Retrospect 7.7 include a Retrospect Emergency Recovery CD that will boot most Windows computers running XP/2003 or later to speed their recovery from a non-bootable state, such as after a hard drive failure. If you purchased an electronic version of Retrospect, an image of the CD can be downloaded from the Retrospect web site with the entry of a valid license code."


I clicked on the link (http://www.retrospect.com) and searched high-and-low for the download site for the recovery cd but was unable to find it. I did find some links to now defunct Roxio web sites but they didn't help a whole lot.


Does anybody know wherethe download site for the Retrospect Emergency Recovery CD is?


Thanks for any help!

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Okay, I went and read more of the documentation and in the "Retrospect Read Me.htm" document they had included the link - http://www.retrospect.com/bmr. At this site they asked for my license code and then allowed me to download retro_emergency_recovery_cd-en.exe, but they didn't tell me what to do with it.


Do I copy this executable to a CD and then use it to boot a computer that has a hard-drive crash? Or do I need to run this executable on a working computer to uncompress the files that really belong on the Emergency Recovery CD and then copy them to the Emergency CD?


Any help would be greatly appreciated - Thanks!

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