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[solved] Flushing config files on Retrospect startup after restart

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I restarted a Windows SBS 2008 after installing Windows updates. After restart I started Retrospect. But Retrospect doesn't remember the configuration anymore. I get asked to insert the license code (see attached picture "startscreen.jpg"). When I take a look into the folder C:\ProgramData\Retrospect I can see, that the "Config77.dat" file is really small (see attached picture "after_start.jpg"). Well before installing the Windows updates i made a backup of my files. So i tried to replace the whole Retrospect folder in ProgramData with the backuped one (see attached picture "before_start.jpg"). But when I started Retrospect the files are always getting flushed.

This isn't the first time that Retrospect reacts like this after an restart of Windows, but the first time I have a backup of the Retrospect configuration files. So do you have a guess why this happens and is there a way to tell Retrospect not to flush the files (without a warning!!!)?




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