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Don Lee

Deadly (busy) embrace - notifyd and RetroEngine

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Three times now, I have seen this with Retro 9.0.1 (401) on two different machines. This time I got some debug information.


Retro 9.0.1 (401), OS is Mac OS X 10.5.8, Intel mini. (2006, dual core), 2 GB memory.

All data on external FW disk.


Operation: copy contents of media set from rebuilt 6.1 backup set to a new "disk" media set. No clients involved.


Behavior: the operation was proceeding, but appeared to get slower and slower over time. We're talking SLOW (2.9 MB/min)


I noticed that one of the CPUs was pegged, with 49% in RetroEngine, and 49% in notifyd. When I killed notifyd, the slowness stopped, and the operation finished.


This time, I did a sample of notifyd and the Retro engine, in hopes of telling what it's doing in this tight little loop. (enclosed zip file contains 2 sample files, compressed)


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