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Use the new client's ability to contact the server (instead of multicast or static name/address)

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The new Mac OS X client 9.0.0 obviously contacts the server every 10 minutes to tell the server it's current ip address.


This is a very good development! Using this mechanism for finding clients instead of multicast would enable us to backup clients wherever they are in the world!


The sad thing is that it seems the Windows Multi Server 7.7 doesn't use this information. It displays the client's last reported address when you bring up the window with information about the client, but when it is about to find it, it still uses multicast or a static address, whichever the client is configured for. I'd like to be able to set the clients to be found by this mechanism instead!



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Agreed, but also being able to control bandwidth caps on IP ranges/subnets would be useful too - so VPN clients don't start hoging bandwidth (although this could be done at the firewall too)



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Agreed... I have had to have my mobile users back up to a cloud backup service.  Although they are really bad about manually cancelling it because it "slows down the pc" or they will never leave the laptop on for the backup to take place. 

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