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Duplicate Onsite Data to USB Drive

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We have Retrospect version 7.7.562. Our regular backup jobs go to our onsite backup drive and from there we have a retrospect job that duplicates our onsite Retrospect folder to our offsite backup folder. We have the onsite Retrospect folder selected as the source in the duplicate job and the USB drive as the destination. When we looked at our offsite today we realized the files underneath the selected folder were not being copied or could be seen through the source selection box dialog box. It turns out that there was a "Dantz" file in the directory that when removed allows us and the duplicate script to view the directory and copy it off to the offsite drive.


What is this Dantz file, I understand it is a internal processing file of some sort already, and why is it causing this to happen? Potentially we could have loss all of our data due to this issue. Is this process of duplicating the RDB retrospect files to the USB drive correct or are we doing this incorrectly?


Thank you,



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I think that behaviour is by design. If I understand correctly, Retrospect deliberately excludes the files comprising its backup sets, since it generally isn't desirable to copy them directly.


The correct method for what you are trying to achieve is to create a second backup set on the offsite media, then use "Transfer" (not "Duplicate") operations to copy files to it from the onsite backup set.

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