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Exchange 2010 database restore going into Retrospect ProgramData folder

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Hi, we're working on testing our Exchange 2010 server restores. I've built an identical Exchange Server in a test network and created a mailbox database with the same name as the production database.


I followed the instructions at this URL http://kb.roxio.com/...S=set-locale=en for preparation.


When I look at its volumes on the backup server I can see the databases and the mailboxes. I added it to the appropriate AD groups.


The restore warns that I will overwrite the database if a recovery database does not exist. I confirm. It starts restoring but does not go into the destination database. Instead it gets written into an identically named database file with edb extension under c:\programdata\retrospect client\rtrexec.dir\Exchange_Restore\ which is the wrong location and on the operating system drive which is not big enough to restore it so I can't even test mounting it after the fact.


Is there something I'm missing here?




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