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Reinstall fail and a small how to question

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Hello all,


My first post on the forum so I hope this all doesn't sound too stupid :)


For a customer of mine I bought an Imation RDX solution with 2 500GB cartridges so he can rotate and store off site.

The Imation RDX came with Retrospect 7.7.


Now, on his "server" workstation there already was a Retrospect 7.6 (Express I think) installed together with an Iomega NAS.

But the NAS is working so loud that he wanted something new.


I wanted to start off with a clean sheet so I uninstalled the current Retrospect using Add/Remove programs in Windows.

After that I installed the 7.7 version using the CD that came with the Imation, now when launching the new install it pops up

a wizard for license key, name, etc... which is all good but it does this every time I start the software, problem nr 1.


Also, after going through the wizard all the settings from the uninstalled Retrospect are still there, backup sets, schedules, ....

I was hoping that would have been gone. Deleting these schedules and backup sets makes the 7.7 version become unresponsive, problem nr 2.


So my first question is, how do I get rid off everything, because now I have uninstalled the 7.7 and reinstalled the 7.6 version

because that is not stuck in the Welcome wizard and does not become unresponsive when deleting backup sets, ...

I just want to install a clean and empty 7.7 and not become stuck in the Welcome wizard every time I launch it.


My 2nd question is more a how to question. I want to make a schedule that does a backup every day of the week but because

I'm using 2 cartridges do I have to create 2 backup sets ? Or do I have to change something in the options of 1 backup set so

it recognizes that there are 2 cartridges. I'm just not sure how the software will handle 2 cartridges being switched, will the catalog know

that it has to check what is on the new cartridge.


I don't want to be lazy either so if you can point me to the correct tutorial video or guide I'm more then happy to do some reading or

watching tutorials but I've gone through the userguide pdf up & down but I don't find a good description for my situation.


Thanks for any advise !

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