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Bryan Pearson

Retrospect Speed Limits

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I installed using a demo key on one of our new 24-core servers. I am getting speeds of backup comparable to the 4-core system I am running our licensed version on. The new server can sustain 100MB/sec transfer speeds across the network to a similar server. The client or backup server the GB network are not busy. But the maximum speed I get on a non-verified duplicate job is 1200 MB/Min whether network encryption is on or off. The priority on the client is set to max backup as opposed to user programs. Why is Retrospect only 20% as fast as it should be? Neither the client nor the server seem to be using 100% of any of the cores on the system, so why the bottleneck? Unsurprisingly the network also shows 20% or less utilization.

We had anticipated a speed bump from running on the new server. Instead we have pretty much the exact same performance as on a system with 4cores and drives with only 25% of the speed.

This seems like it has an internal rate it is trying to never exceed.

I tested a local drive to local drive duplicate on the new backup server, and it sustained a rate of 4000MB/minute. Clearly this shows that the network protocol is the limiter.

This has me looking really hard for a replacement product.

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