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Backing Up Retrospect Files

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I am backing up several servers to a NAS. Now I want those backup to be backed up to a USB hard drive for off site storage.

I have tried to use the scripts Backup, Duplicate and Archive. But none will backup/copy my backups to the USB hard drive. Retrospect always reports 'No files need to be copied'.


I have attached a screen shot of the script and below is the log after running it.




+ Archiving using test at 9/29/2011 10:19 AM (Execution unit 1)

To Backup Set WD-Week-1...


- 9/29/2011 10:19:24 AM: Copying BackUps on Local Disk (D:)

9/29/2011 10:19:24 AM: No files need to be copied

9/29/2011 10:19:27 AM: Snapshot stored, 18 KB

9/29/2011 10:19:28 AM: Comparing BackUps on Local Disk (D:)

9/29/2011 10:19:29 AM: Execution completed successfully

Duration: 00:00:04 (00:00:02 idle/loading/preparing)



What am I doing wrong?

What's the best way to do this?



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