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Right now I' am using Mult server 6.5 I purchase the update to 7.7 and I can not connect to the windows 2008 it will not except my password.


I have the 6.5 client running on the win 2008 box with now problems. Should I update grade client?


Second the 2008 box is not part of the domain.



6.5 work fine but I need more encryption that 7.7 has.


this is the error.


Sorry, couldn't add backup client, error -702 (use failed to enter password within required time)

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Are you referring to the Retrospect Client password? If so, have you tried changing it on the client itself (i.e. in the Retrospect Client software)?


Whether that works or not, I would definitely upgrade to the latest client software now that you're using the latest Retrospect version on the server. Retrospect 6.5 came out several years before Windows 2008.

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