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Deferred Till 2037

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I have several scripts that run weekly for my offsite backup. Their destination is set to one of several drive-based media sets that may or may not be attached to the computer when the script triggers (depending on whether that source if offsite or not). Most of the time the script simply fail and set themselves to try again the next week, however, every once in a while they set themselves as deferred and try again in 2037. When this happens, it happens to all of the scripts that fail. Is this expected behavior, and if so, is there something short of remembering to disable and re-enable all my different scripts when I swap media sets that I can do to work around this. Fixing the issue means I have to delete and re-add the schedule as the calendar tool takes a very long time to roll it back to 2011.

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I thought I'd mention that the catalog file is on the same drive as the backups. So, this catalog file also goes away when the drive is offsite. I don't remember if this started when I made that change or not.

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